At Kay and Lane Insurance we have many years of experience dealing with corporate clients, small to medium enterprises and new ‘start up’ businesses. We deal with all classes of commercial insurance including Commercial Combined, Package Policies, Motor Fleet, Liabilities, Property Owners, Directors and Officers, Professional Indemnity, and many more.

Property Owners

As a property owner your income is in your property whether it’s a commercial property or a private dwelling. If a claim occurs then your tenant will be looking to you to put things right quickly. Having an insurance policy that can respond to these needs and also provide additional support can be imperative for you in retaining your tenant and investment.

What happens if your residential property becomes uninhabitable due to fire, flood or another insurable event, forcing your tenant to have to move out? Do you have the right cover to be able to support them with alternative accommodation or do you risk losing your tenant?

Is your rental income protected in the event of your tenant having to vacate the premises under the circumstances of an insurance claim?

We can provide you with an insurance product designed specifically for Property Owners which can cover you for all of these eventualities.

Motor Trade & Motor Fleet

Do you have 2 or more vehicles? If so, we can help cover your vehicles on a fleet policy which can make your life easier. Kay's can provide competitive rates for fleets from 2 to 50+ vehicles.

For both Motor Traders and Motor Fleet policies ensuring you have the appropriate cover in place for your drivers is critical. We can look at a number of options including named drivers, or any driver policies. Having a vehicle off the road due to an accident could be costly to your business – do you need a courtesy vehicle in the event of an accident?

Professionals Indemnity

At Kay and Lane Insurance we have access to a number of leading insurers for Professional Indemnity Insurance. Do you give professional advice for a fee? Then you need to protect yourself in the event of claim being made against you. We can provide leading cover for all professional including Accountants, Architects, IT Consultants, Surveyors, Business Advisor to name just a few.

Office & Retail Insurance

At Kay and Lane Insurance we believe all business owners irrelevant of size deserve the best possible advice, instead of being pointed in the direction of websites that don't provide you with any advice. Many brokers don't want to spend time speaking to smaller business but we hope that we can develop a relationship with you and grow together. We are also keen to develop relationships with new start ups.

Construction Trades

If you operate in a construction environment there are many areas to consider for insurance purposes. Do you have your own plant and tools that require cover on site and in transit? Will there be any developing structure that needs covering under a Contractors All Risks policy until the sign off is complete to hand over the works to the owner of the property?

Do you have your own direct employees, Labour Only contractors, or Bone fide Sub Contractors working under your contract? Do you hire in plant? If so, under what conditions do you hire the plant and what are your responsibilities for the items of plant while they are in your control?

We can advise you on the appropriate cover required for your ongoing contracts to provide you with a specialist Contractors Policy to cover all of the above aspects of your work.

Manufacturing And Wholesale

In these types of industries levels of stock fluctuate throughout the year meaning different levels of cover may be required at different times so understanding your stock patterns can be crucial to making sure you have the right level of cover. If you manufacture products you may need cover for partially completed stock too, or raw materials awaiting use.

Do you have more than one location? Does your stock and/or materials fluctuate across these locations? If so, we can provide a policy which compliments this providing appropriate cover at all locations while allowing your business to remain flexible.


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