Household Insurance

Your house is your home so making sure your items are protected in the event of a loss is important. Having buildings cover makes sure that the structural element of your home will be repaired if damaged through flood or fire, for example, however contents insurance is equally important.  It’s not just the big items that you have to think about its everything from the sofa to the personalised photo frame you received as a gift last Christmas. All these items need to be included in your Household insurance so that if the worst happens, all of your household contents can be replaced.

The loss or damage of personal possessions can be devastating.  This can be made worse if personal items aren’t insured correctly.  We will help you to consider what personal items need covering outside of the home as well as within it. The theft of electrical items such as mobile phones and tablets is increasing so it is important to have your mobile electrical equipment covered for the right amount and for when you are outside of the home.



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